Hello guys for Halloween I was Jason Voorhees. Instead I wore a flannel for the costume and black jeans. Jason is a character that is known for being crazy and everyone that stand in his way. His main weapons are literally anything but he usually used axes or machetes. Jason’s reason for killing is that he was Pamela Voorhees son and she was Crystal Lakes camp cook, crystal lake is where they live. So Jason was always bullied at crystal lake so to prove to his bully’s that he can swim he went in the lake and drowned to death, and oh did I mention he was special and when he was born his body was deformed. A year later two campers tried to open up the cam but were unfortunately murdered and the lake was full of poison. Then after 7 campers tried to open it up again and then six campers died and a camper beheaded Pamela Voorhees because she killed the campers. Then Alice Pamela’s killer got killed in her home by a unknown killer which was found out to be New and grown up Jason Voorhees. Now that was my Halloween.

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